Maximum sanitary advantage with Single-Use flowmeters

Our products are being used for a myriad of sanitary application purposes.

Single-use products are gaining momentum in the Biotech industry and have been used quite extensively in the pharmaceutical industry. Why? Single-use products offer various benefits:

  • Cleaning is no longer a necessity
  • Timesaving
  • Cost reduction

Summarizing, companies that use single-use products are able to speed up their processes, reduce costs and minimize risks. Looking at the current economic situation, the time and costs factors are now more important than ever.

Equflow manufactures unique single-use flow meters for both biotech and pharmaceutical processes and applications which can be gamma irradiated. Equflow’s tube holder system allows you to exchange the flow tube within seconds to save precious time. Please note that our single-use flow meters are also capable of long-term measuring.

With a simple barcode reader, the measurement data - Kfactor - of the flowcel exchanged can be programmed so no further calibration is necessary .