Disposable Flow Sensor with Clamp System Equflow

This new disposable / single-use Clamp system is mainly developed to perform a fast and easy exchange of the flow tube in single-use applications (for hygienic reasons e.g. in pharmaceutical and bio-medical industries). The Clamp system is available for both PVDF and PFA tubes. By using the screw gap in the back of the Clamp, it can be easily secured onto your system. Despite the name ‘single-use’, these devices are also suitable for long-term measurement.

  • Performs a fast exchange of the flow tubes
  • High resolution square wave output
  • Measuring with revolutionary IR turbine rotor reflection
  • PVDF for high chemical and corrosive resistance
  • Suitable for opaque liquids
  • PVDF meets all requirements of US Pharmacopeia Class VI
  • BSE/TSE certificate available
  • PVDF models are Gamma stable up to 50 kGy
  • Tube can be sterilized up to 140 °C



Technical SpecificationsPVDF 0045 Low FlowPVDF 0045PVDF 0085
Inner diameter in mm4.64.69.3
Linear flow range0.07 - 1.0 L/min0.1 - 2.0 L/min1.0 - 20.0 L/min
Minimum flow0.02 L/min0.03 L/min0.5 L/min
Accuracy1% of reading1% of reading1% of reading
Repeatability< 0.15%< 0.15%< 0.15%
Wetted partsPVDF / RubyPVDF / RubyPVDF / Ruby
Tube connection7 mm hose barb7 mm hose barb12 mm hose barb
Tube length in mm535362
Liquid temperature in °C-20 to +80-20 to +80-20 to +80
Max. pressure at 20°C in bar252520
Viscosity in cSt.0.8 - 100.8 - 100.8 - 10
Approx. K-factor in pulses/L100,000100,0004,800
Power supply5 - 24 Vdc5 - 24 Vdc5 - 24 Vdc
Output signal5 - 24 V square wave5 - 24 V square wave5 - 24 V square wave
Power consumption34 mA at 5 V34 mA at 5 V34 mA at 5 V
Default cablePVC 1 meterPVC 1 meterPVC 1 meter

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