Flow meters for different applications

Equflow produces flow meters for all kinds of purposes. Our flow meters accurately measure the flow rate of many types of fluids: the right product that fits your needs and application. Are you looking for a flow meter for a specific application? Get in touch and our experts will offer you the best solution for your situation.

Every application possible

We produce single use flow meters and standard flow meters for every application possible. Do you want to measure fuel consumption? Do you want to save on the use of hot water? Do you want to mix substances in very precise amounts?
With the right flow meter you will know exactly what you need to know: flow rate, total volume etc.

Accurate flow meters

The main focus of all our flow meters is accuracy. The use of our products should contribute to a better result of your business or product. Our high quality flow meters help users to work more efficiently, reduce costs and increase profits. And because our products are very durable, our flow meters perform adequately even in the most demanding conditions.

Expert advice from Equflow

Since day one we have specialized in custom made flow measurement solutions for our customers. Basically, if you have a challenge that requires a specific flow meter, we will use our expertise and experience to find a suitable solution. Our advice is based on your needs and application. We will produce the flow meter that suits your expectations.

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