Equflow Pump Control System

​​This innovative Peristaltic Pump Control System is suitable for adjusting and controlling metering pumps in batch or flow processes.

The system consists of an Equflow S601 pump controller and a very sensitive turbine Flow Meter.
It is able to dose liquids with high accuracy while controlling and monitoring process safety.

The high resolution flow meter measures the flow and transmits the data to the pump controller.
An easy-to-use calibration setting on the pump controller assures outstanding measuring results. Comprehensive testing has shown that an accuracy of up to 0.5% can be attained.

Since the flow meter is also available in interchangeable versions, the pump control system is very much suitable for single-use applications.


  • Control channel for 1 pump with PID pump adjustment
  • 2-line display showing flow velocity and totalizing data
  • IP Ethernet connectivity available for network integration
  • High repeatability of the flowmeters: 0.5% of reading
  • Data log software optional
  • Easy-to-handle interface: critical parameters protected by password
  • Power supply 24 VDC
Technical SpecificationsPeristaltic Pump Control System
Power supply24 Vdc
Dimensions140 x 220 x 72 mm (W x H x D)
CasingHigh grade synthetic (others on request)
Environment Temp10 - 70 °C
Display2 x 16 digits
Input signals (depending of functionallity)1 x flow meters, pulse max. 5 KHz.
external control for Alarm/Start-Stop/Up-Down
Output signals1 x analogue, 4 - 20 mA
1 x valve or pump
1 x alarm, 1 x reject
3 x spare

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